Anakata is free again

Anakata has been released from jail after serving a total of three years of jailtime in both Sweden and Denmark.

Anakata indicted for hacking and fraud

Prosecutor Henrik Olin has finally revealed the exact charges against Gottfrid Svartholm Warg. He is being indicted on three counts of hacking, one case of fraud and one case of attempted aggravated fraud.

According to the attacks were against the Infotorg, Logica and Nordea. More specifically it is claimed that along with illegally accessing personal information stored by Infotorg and Logica he also withdrew and transferred money from bank accounts belonging to Nordea customers.

Along with Gottfrid there are also three other suspects and according to the prosecutor the evidence includes chat logs between Gottfrid and one of these suspects.

Prosecution in "Logica case" by april 12th

According to Henrik Olin, the prosecutor in charge of the investigation of Gottfrid's involvement in the so-called "Logica case" is hoping to have finished his investigation by April 12th and that he will then be able to formally press charges.

Gottfrid thanks his supporters

Torrentfreak is reporting that Gottfrid is very thankful for all the cards and letters he's received.

His mother Kristina said to Torrentfreak Gottfrid has asked me to send his thanks to all people that have sent him letters, postcards, gifts and so on to the prison where he has been staying since just before Christmas.

In related news, the upcoming documentary about The Pirate Bay TPB AFK will be released on Friday this week. From Torrentfreak's reporting it appears that the documentary also touches on Gottfrid's involvement with Wikileaks. Be sure to check it out.

Prosecution within the month is reporting that public prosecutor Henry Olin is preparing to
prosecute Gottfrid Svartholm Warg some time in the next few weeks.

Gottfrid out of solitary, charges remain

According to Gottfrid's mother he will soon be transferred from solitary confinement to a regular prison to begin serving his sentence for his involvement in the TPB case.

As it currently stand he is still suspected of being involved in the Logica case as well as one other case (for a total of two counts of hacking and four counts of fraud). There appears to be a lack of information as to when or if the prosecutor will bring these charges before a court but accorrding to Kristina Svartholm it seems this is likely to happen sometime in january or february.

Detainment continues

For the time being it seems that Gottfrid remains in solitary confinement. In an email to us yesterday his mother, Kristina Svartholm, told us that he will remain in solitary confinement until at least december 7th.

She also writes that the attempted fraud charges are no longer the reason for his confinement although four counts of attempted fraud and one hacking charge remain. This in addition to Gottfrid being a suspect in the so-called Logica case.

With this much dirt on Gottfrid it makes you wonder why they waited so long before having him extradited, sorry, I meant deported from Cambodia.

Further suspicions

The only big news lately seems to be that the Swedish government has decided to once again extend the detainment of Gottfrid for another two weeks and at the same time it appears they've also added some new charges. Apparently there are now an additional four instances of fraud and four instances of attempted fraud that he's suspected of.

Anakata still held in solitary

Torrentfreak is reporting that there has been little change in Anakata's situation, he's still being held in solitary confinement for 23 hours per day with one hour every day "outdoors" in an exercise yard.

Torrentfreak is now urging people to write letters to Anakata to keep him entertained, to send him a letter, email it to gottfrids[at]

PRQ raided by police

It has now been confirmed that the ISP PRQ, which used to be owned by Anakata and TiAMO and used to be the primary host for The Pirate Bay was raided by the Swedish police earlier today. So far there is no solid evidence of this being related to the arrest of Anakata but there is of course some speculation online due to the previous ties between Anakata, The Pirate Bay and PRQ.

As for Anakata, he's still in detention and will most likely remain there for another couple of weeks as the prosecutor requested a second extension of the detainment period due to the fact that the investigation is still ongoing.