Further comments from Kristina Svartholm

Today SVT published an article by Kristina Svartholm in which she states that the handling of her son's case has caused her to lose faith in the Swedish ministry of foreign affairs.

She also contacted freeanakata.se directly to inform us that she was finally able to visit Gottfrid in police custody earlier today, writing "today, Tuesday September 18, one week after his arrival to Sweden, I have met him at last. He is fine. He told me, among other things, that the Cambodian police officers and other people representing the Cambodian authorities did treat him well, no critizism of them at all.".

Kristina Svartholm not allowed to visit her son

Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter is reporting that Anakata's mother, Kristina, has not been allowed to visit him while in police custody.

According to the DN article she has made repeated requests to get permission to visit him but has been told she'd have to wait a few days, then after submitting the proper forms she was told she would be allowed to visit him.

However, when she arrived at Kronoberg remand prison, where her son is being held, she was told she'd have to call them on monday the following week to book an appointment. When she did call him on monday she reached an answering machine with a pre-recorded message informing her that visitor bookings were only handled on tuesday through thursday.

Update: Earlier today Kristina was finally able to visit Gottfrid. More info

Lots of new reports

It seems news of Anakata's arrest upon his arrival in Sweden has started spreading. International Business Times, Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal and Torrentfreak all have articles up now.

Torrentfreak also took the time to speak to brokep (Peter Sunde) who said "They have said all along that [Gottfrid's arrest] was about the TPB case, yet the first people who greeted him [on landing in Sweden] were police handing him a charge. We all know this was why they've been asking questions about Gottfrid even before he appeared on the [Interpol] wanted list.".

Anakata arrested for Logica hack

Swedish authorities have now confirmed that Anakata has been arrested for his suspected involvement in the previously mentioned tax system hack.

Update: SVT has an article about this that also features a video of Anakata taken by the Cambodian police.

Anakata now in Police custody

Reuters is now reporting that Anakata is being held in Police custody at the central police station in Stockholm.

Anakata in Sweden, possible new charges

brokep just made a post on Twitter indicating that Anakata is now in Sweden.

According to the tweet he's been interrogated by the Swedish police at Arlanda airport, and it doesn't appear to be for charges related to The Pirate Bay.

Anakata to arrive in Sweden this morning

According to a statement from the Swedish Department of Foreign Affairs to TT published by DN.se Anakata is expected to arrive at Arlanda airport outside of Stockholm this morning.

Anakata deported to Thailand

Reuters is now reporting that Anakata has been deported to Thailand by Cambodian authorities today.

According to Reuters he was put on a flight to Bangkok late on monday night (local time) and is to continue to Sweden from Bangkok early on tuesday morning.

Deportation criticized

The Phnom Penh Post has an article about the planned deportation of Anakata from Cambodia.

It appears that the plan is for Cambodia to deport him to Thailand where Swedish authorities will try to get him on a flight to Sweden. In the article Anakata's friend qnrq is quoted as saying "I wouldn't be surprised if he starts protesting in Bangkok and refuses to board the plane." and "This is not the first time he's dealt with law enforcement. They're not going to get him so easily".

In-depth account from Cambodia

This morning Anakata's friend qnrq posted an in-depth account of the arrest and detainment.

The article is quite long and qnrq points out a number of lies and seeming procedural errors in the handling of the case. It's very interesting to read and contains a lot of information which has not been in the mainstream media (yet, anyway).

Update: The article is now also available at Torrentfreak.