So is it a bribe or not?

Right now a lot of people are becoming increasingly convinced that the $59 million aid package from Sweden to Cambodia was little more than a bribe, I'll admit I'm equally suspicious.

However, we can't completely ignore that the timing was just a little too good. There might still be the possibility that whoever authorized the aid simply didn't realize that people would connect it to the arrest of Anakata just days before.

And even if it is a bribe it's not necessarily as simple as Sweden volunteering $59 million to the Cambodian government as a way to get them to help capture Anakata, with what little information we have right now it could just as well be that the Cambodians decided that it was time for some quid pro quo and the Swedish government realized Anakata is still in Cambodian custody and didn't want to see him slip away from them again.

So for now it seems all we can do is speculate and wait for more information to surface although there probably isn't much of chance of anyone admitting it was a bribe, even if it was.

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